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The Top Dog Model: In our opinion, "The Fighting Force" of the Dog Brothers was THE stickfighter of our time for a long, long, long time-- right up to his retirement last year at the age of 45. What stick did he use? Although he often went lighter as a way of handicapping his opponents, this stick here is what he used when fighting worthy challenges. At 30", the length is not what distinguishes it, but its diameter and density. The diameter is approx 1 1/8", a bit larger than the standard 7/8s to 1" and the density is such as to give the kind of substance to its shots sought by the Top Dog.

This a single stick. If you wish to buy two Top Dogs for siniwali, that's great, but please accept that the possibility of greater than usual disparity exists.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by George A, 10/31/2012

Great big thick stick that soon put some people in there place!!!

Reviewed by Aaron L, 10/31/2012

I just wanted to re-review this monster stick, now that I have 7 months of intensive, personalized LESKAS training under my belt. Our system is fast and no BS, lots of clean powerful strikes without pretense. When I first ordered this stick, my only FMA knowledge was strictly from a tiny bit of training and theory and lots of reading. My head is in a different place now that I have lived, breathed and learned kali/arnis with lots of individual instruction in our particular style. This giant stick's durability goes above and beyond the call of duty. We practice our blocks in "bigaytama" drills that test the endurance of any piece of rattan, you can smell the essence of the rattan as it heats up from contact, but it never chips or breaks. My stick is still going, nearly a year after I ordered it. It's cloaked in electrical tape to keep some small skin splits together, but the core is still untainted. It is my primary "solo workout" stick, longer and heavier than the 1"x28" sticks LESKAS is fond of. I have used, and continue to use this stick in and out of class, and have experienced true contact with it, while wearing wekaf style padding. When my Top Dog gives up, as all rattan must eventually, I'll order another, and maybe a couple more for friends and instructors.

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