Salty Dog Model

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People often ask about the sticks the Dog Brothers use. Although all of the Dog Brothers use sticks distinctly more substantial than the generic stuff commonly sold/used here in the USA, there is also quite a range in approaches. With that in mind:

The Salty Dog Model: "The Silent Force" of the Dog Brothers, Salty Dog blazed the trail that brought Krabi Krabong (the military forerunner to the ring sport of Muay Thai) to the Dog Brothers Gatherings and from there to its role within Dog Brothers Martial Arts. Primal and power crazed, KK's sophisticated simplicity challenges many assumptions. The body mechanics of its power swing derives from the distinctive proportion between blade and handle length. Once learned, this body mechanic readily transposes to sticks of all lengths. This pair of 36" sticks is propotioned to American builds.



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