Like A Drum

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Here is an ecclectic collection of Brent's new drumming forays, melting with Rita Coolidge's velvety voice and lyrics on some very special tunes. Not to be missed is the magical chanting Ranya. This CD includes the most powerful African, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms ever.


Beyond Midnight

Earth Tears

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Reviewed by Byron H, 10/31/2012

SHAME on Dog Brothers for producing such addictive material! After having worn the shine off my CD, I find myself trying to come up with the funds to buy more, more, MORE!

I hadn't thought of drums as the lead players in any musical arrangement (blame that on playing brass in school bands for eight years) and I was surprised that not only can drum arrangements carry a song, they can make the song. Of course, Brent Lewis' skills contribute greatly to the effect, and by skills I mean not only his playing ability but his talent for picking out the right type of drum and the exact spot in the composition where it should go.

I have to admit there are a few tunes on here I'm not too fond of, but hey, it's all part of being human. "Cherokee Blues" and "Language of Magic" stand out, as do "Beyond Midnight" and "Earth Tears", but overall, a very satisfying and eye-opening compilation.

Brent! Go make more! Now!

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