Snaggletooth Variations


This DVD builds upon "Combining Stick & Footwork". CS&F was the first DVD for Dog Brothers Martial Arts and was the first DVD after our "Real Contact Stickfighting" series. As a fighter and as a teacher, it is my experience that most people do not move their feet well in good integration with their hitting during a fight. It is also my experience that most people feel incredibly Caucasian when going through the training necessary to achieve skills that will actually appear in the adrenal state. This is why CS&F took a "basic building blocks" kind of approach.

The Snaggletooth Variations on the other hand, although it starts with the "basic power combo", which is something I regard as extremely important, practical and accessible to people relatively early on their path in popping their opponents' bubbles and cracking them in the head, has more of its material aimed at intermediate and advanced practitioners and fighters. The concepts, material, and training progression will take some time for most people to absorb.

It is intensely bilateral, both in its footwork and its stickwork. It is both single stick and double stick-- but in the double stick, due to the progression, either stick can and does act as single stick.

Bilateralism is the foundation for 360 degree skills. It works with the "attacking block" concept (and if you have already worked with our "Attacking Blocks" DVD, this will help).

As it progresses, The Snaggletooth Variations "breaks the mirror". The "mirror" is our term for patterns wherein the right always meets the right, the left always meets the left, etc. Breaking the mirror means that left meets right or vice versa. Breaking the mirror means that merges are part of the repertoire, not just meets.

In The Snaggletooth Variations I am assisted by Guro Lonely Dog, who as is always is the case, does an outstanding job. Because there is a strong taste of Lameco in the material, the extras footage includes an interesting portion a lesson of Punong Guro Edgar Sulite training Salty Dog in my backyard.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Guro E, 10/31/2012

The information is this DVD is brought with such fluidity, I spendt only 1 week reviewing it, and now have the info as my own, in my skill sets. Yet again, Marc Denny brings it, well understood and thought out--and I love the fact that it was filmed at the Inosanto Academy, fantastic!!!---A must see for any and all weapons based martial artists....

Guro Eesa Cantley--Makoa Combatives Group--S. Oregon

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