RCSF 0 - Real Contact Stick Fighting - Series One - 6 DVD SET

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This DVD series is aimed at the application side of the Art. Each of the six DVDs in the series focuses on a particular aspect of real fighting skill.

Throughout these DVDs the teaching is illustrated by real fights. These fights are not tournament "full contact stickfighting" pillow fights that you may have seen, but "Real Contact Stickfighting" as done by the recently surfaced underground group "the Dog Brothers". Under Real Contact rules, EVERYTHING short of deliberately putting your opponent in the hospital is allowed - any stick techniques, punching, kickboxing, elbowing, kneeing, headbutting, trapping, throwing, grappling, locking, and choking are all allowed against anywhere on the body. Seeing how the material taught in these DVDs is applied in real time will deeply accelerate your learning.


DVD set includes:

Volume 1: Power

Volume 2: Footwork

Volume 3: Siniwali

Volume 4: Blocks, Punyos & Thrusts

Volume 5: Fang Choke & Machado BJJ

Volum 6: Stick vs. Other Weapons

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Bodhi C, 10/31/2012

Before "battle focused training," before "scenario based training," before "reality based training," become common terms and new marketing ploys for American Commercial (faux) Martial Arts arena, the Dog Brothers where actually doing it, even if that's not what they were calling it.

This first series is not only a classic, but still the best video selection out there on learning how to use a simple weapon under severe duress of conveyed combat.

Some have said that what is on these videos is not Filipino Martial Arts. I say dog poopy. What is on these videos is more Real Deal Filipino Martial Arts than what is coming out of the commerical world of Filipino Martial Arts. Martial Art is not a generic term. It is specifically about warfare--not sports, people.

These videos are instructionally intense and very concise, with great clips of actually battles.

You won't find any better civilian based "martial arts" instruction unless you survive selection and go to war for real. I'm not kidding!!!

The political incorrectness of these videos are worth the money alone.

Thanks for keeping on the market.

Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey, RM, DD
Hikaze Learning Corner
Wooster OHIO

Reviewed by Gary W, 10/31/2012

The series one RCSF DVDs are top notch. This series deals wth the the reality of what happens in a real fight. The techniques are masterly explained and performed. As a newbie to the Filipino Martial Arts this series opens the doors to the true combat reality of stick fighting without the water-downed techniques that are just a flash in the pan.
Eric {Top Dog} Knaus is not only a outstanding fighter, he is a great instructor. All one as to do is watch the Siniwali DVD to get the full effect of { Top Dog's} skill. I watched it three times and the exploding star drill he executes is bad to the bone.

Reviewed by Lorel Z, 10/31/2012

Of all the DVD's that the Dog Brothers offer, the entire RCSF Series are the most important ones to buy. This teaches you the absolute fundamentals that you need to be a "fighter to be reckon with."

I'm a beginner myself, and their use of visual, clearly explained techniques are extremely valuable. This is great for beginners and advanced fighters alike, and the full-contact footage remind you that fundamentals, not flashiness, keep you alive in the streets.

Thank you, Dog Brothers, for offering us your knowledge and wisdom to help us survive in these crazy times!

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