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One of the things we say about Dog Brothers Martial Arts is that it is "a system of many styles". Our idea is that while there is no one answer to all questions, we want there to be an coherent inner logic to the different elements in our curriculum-- in short a SYSTEM.

One of the core elements of our system is Krabi Krabong. Muay Thai kickboxing is a ring sport offshoot of the Thai military weaponry system of KK. Based upon sword, double sword, staff, spear, mai sowks and other weapons, KK is aggressive, primal and power crazed-- just the thing for DBMA! But there is more to it than that-- it fits in with the inner logic of DBMA.

Dog Brothers co-founder Arlan "Salty Dog" Sanford has trained extensively in Thailand at the world renowned Buddaiswan Institute and is a certified "Ajarn" (similar to the Filipino term of "Guro") in KK. Ajarn Salty has thoroughly tested his KK skills in literally hundreds of Dog Brothers fights and produced quality fighters with this material which has influenced us all.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander M, 10/31/2012

A training partner of mine first put me onto the Dog Brothers and he studied, amongst other things, an Escrima style. As a complete beginning to stickwork, but a relatively experienced pracitioner of striking styles, I decided I wanted something a little different than the Escrima based stuff my friend was showing me. Although I've since bought a lot more Dog Brothers material, this was my point of entry as I liked the idea of learning simple 'power-crazed' stickwork and combining it with my striking techniques.

It did not let me down!

The DVD starts off with Marc 'Crafty Dog' Denny and Arlan 'Salty Dog' Sanford giving a quick bit of the history of DBMA's use of Krabi Krabong in its 'system of styles'. Salty Dog then discusses how Krabi Krabong differs from the Filipino styles (both in its principles and the design of its weapon) and teaches the basic strike which is used throughout most of the DVD - one that covers enormous range! Partner based drills are covered, kicks are incorporated into the striking, and fights are shown which illustrate how these principles are put into use during a Real Contact Stick Fight. The second half of the DVD covers double stick work - which revolves around a twin stick version of the basic single stick strike - and shows some simple training drills as well as some slightly more complex exercises, all of which can be done with a partner. (Fights also are included which show the double stick Krabi Krabong in action, with very valuable comments)

I was going to give one negative point in this review, but then realised that it wasn't a negative point at all but really just a desire to see more Krabi Krabong! Throughout the DVD it's mentioned that the techniques and training patterns of Krabi Krabong can be used with the full arsenal of weapons, and that the full range of empty hand techniques can also be bought in. Personally I'd love to see more material come out that covers this!

All in all, speaking as someone new to the world of stickfighting I found this fantastic and would absolutely recomend it to anyone who has an interest in stick fighting or wishes to start Krabi Krabong.

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