Kali Tudo 3

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The Striking Game

DBMA's mission is "To walk as a warrior for all your days" including 360 degree situations, uneven numbers, and the possible presence and use of weapons. Kali makes the point that we will often not know in time whether a weapon is involved or not, so in DBMA we seek "Consistency across categories" to simplify and thus improve reactions times.

Even as Kali Tudo accepts the challenge of the caged laboratory; we evaluate the results by the criteria of the street.

"Kali Tudo 1" focused on Kali/FMA footwork triangles. "Kali Tudo 2: The Running Dog Game" introduced Kali strikes and trapping with the ground behind our opponent (i.e. against the guard). Now in "Kali Tudo 3: The Striking Game" it is time to bring a full expression of kali weaponry movements to empty hand striking in the standing game.

Speaking candidly, a potential area of weakness with this block of material is that we become so entranced with our efficacy on the high line that we leave ourselves open to a low-line MMA wrestling shoot. This is where our guest instructor Coach Kenny Johnson comes into play. Coach Kenny is one of the foremost MMA wrestling coaches in the world today. He trains fighters such as Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, the Noguiera Brothers and many other world champion fighters. He teaches us to shoot, and to defeat the shoot the same way he teaches them. We want you to be able to play the Kali Tudo striking game confident and capable of handling the shoot!

With KT-1, KT-2, and now Kali Tudo 3 we are ready to begin testing our weaponry-based empty hand movements in the adrenal laboratory of MMA and thus achieve "consistency across categories" -- we move and fight the same way whether the fight involves weapons or not!

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Now you can get your Dog Brother Martial Arts fix however you want it! You can purchase the DVD, or purchase the download. Train Well!

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