Kali Tudo 2

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"The Running Dog Game" is the anti-guard attack of DBMA Kali Tudo. In a change of heart, Guro Crafty has decided to let out this previously closed door material. Included in the footage is him teaching his "golden era" backyard group, including a cameo by Top Dog himself. This then flows into Guro Crafty sharing the material this past fall in Hawaii with Dogzilla's "Hawaii Clan" of the Dog Brothers.

From the core "running dog posture" there are options for over the head guard passes, a nastily quick heel hook, and for kali silat striking like you've never seen it before that both sets all the preceding variables up as well as finishing the fight in its own right with strikes.

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Now you can get your Dog Brother Martial Arts fix however you want it! You can purchase the DVD, or purchase the download. Train Well!

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Reviewed by Mike C, 01/04/2013

I purchased Kali Tudo 2 a little over a year ago and what really strikes me about the material is Guru Crafty's "outside of the box" way to appraoch this material.Being a former fighter and bodyguard I always try things out full blast to see if they really work...Marc Denny's stuff WORKS! In particular I have used the "Running Dog" technique many times while sparring and it has NEVER failed me. Dont miss out on this disc, it will for certain up your game not only in the cage, but in the street where it counts the most. Thanks Crafty! Looking forward to more of your great DVD'S!
Mike Carey, Owner of Modern Combat Dojo
Addison Il.

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