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To walk as a warrior for all our days we need to be smart. We have so many things to train that if we train them all one at a time there won't be enough time in the day. This applies particularly in the case of aerobic training. If done as many do (running, stairmaster, precor, bicycle, swimming etc) aerobic training can burn up a lot of time and energy. Not only can this be really boring, but in many cases the high repetition can lead to chronic injuries-- all this without simultaneously cultivating fighting skills!

Enter "Kali Fitness" by Guro Lonely Dog.

This is the routine that has drawn rave reviews during Guro Lonely's seminars throughout Europe. The DVD begins with a section wherein Guro Lonely breaks down the movements that you will be training. Lots of practical fighting insight here! The progression of movements ingeniously varies movements standing with one's on the ground.

Then it is time to sweat! Put the DVD in and get in a serious aerobic session AND serious reps of important fighting skills while modeling on an outstanding fighter and technician.

This DVD is also available as an instant download! You can purchase it and have it instantly delivered to your computer. Copy it to iTunes or your favorite portable device.

Now you can get your Dog Brother Martial Arts fix however you want it! You can purchase the DVD, or purchase the download. Train Well!

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan A, 10/31/2012

This was the very first Dog Brother DVD I owned. I'd come up with my own routines that involved doing redondos, sinawalis and other various patterns. Although it's good thing to practice these patterns, I wasn't really practicing things I'd use most in a fight. The great thing about this DVD is all the cardio drills are geared toward real combat moves. Another thing I took away from this is the Top Dog leg shot(again this was before I owned Combining Stick and Footwork and actually it breaks it down better IMO) Spoiler Alert- one of the moves Guro Loney shows is geared toward strengthing the muscles you need to pull the leg shot off. I just recently made "Dog" at this last gathering and I used this shot quite a bit in one of my fights. All and all I would highly recommend this to any stick practioner who's looking to get into shape and learn real fighting moves @ the same time.

Reviewed by Rudy F, 10/31/2012

First off, I have seen Lonely Dog fight. He is both an exceptional fighter and a superb athlete.

I consider Kali Fitness to be an excellent DVD for any fighter, but its value in weapons-based combatives seems to be more pronounced than other martial arts/conditioning DVDs I have seen over the years. Most of the wisdom passed on by Lonely Dog vis a vis stickfighting would seem to me to applicable in knife combat also. Techniques he describes and executes are frequently designed to allow you to get in a good shot, whether standing or on the ground, from a position that one might not immediately think of as conducive to such a move and often ion close quarters. But the key to being able to pull off these moves is the physical training Lonely Dog is promulgating.

The physical training on the DVD covers a number of important areas that are probably critical to street combat success. Conditioning. Coordination. Mobility. Flexibility. Making things happen from where you are and the position you happen to be in whatever that may be.

I think guys who regularly practice MMA know what I am talking about, and they have a leg up on the average person regarding some important body mechanics elements. I have seen a number of LEOs get hurt during scuffles because real combat is a dynamic full body event. Your body will get twisted, torqued and leveraged into positions that, unless you specifically train MMA or the type of Kali conditioning that Lonely Dog does, the stress and strain on your body may cause injury. You have probably read news articles about a big police fight and afterwards several had to be treated. It is not uncommon for those injuries to be from the rolling, bending, twisting, spindling, the "not normal" body positions that tend to occur during real fights. I see great value in a number of the Kali Fitness conditioning drills Lonely Dog presents in preventing or minimizing injury during real fights. Being able to mix strength training with suppleness training is not just a cool thing to be able to do. It might save your butt out on the street because if you otherwise throw out your back or dynamically contort your body during a fight, and your body is not ready for that kind of movement and/or position, then you may have just handed your adversary a major advantage.

I am 53 years old. I have started doing some of the movements Lonely Dog advocates in the DVD and I feel like my body is getting more flexible. We may never get to be 20 again, but there is no reason for us to, flexibility-wise, be 35 going on 55 either.

I don't know about everybody else but the primary purpose for my exercise regimen is to enhance my street combat abilities. And like every sport, there are certain sports specific conditioning drills and training aspects to training that 9 times out of 10 will provide real value to you when playing your sport.

Weapons-based combatives has unique training aspects to it that need to be focused on if you want to better your game out there on the street. Kali Fitness provides some excellent material in your efforts to make this happen.

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