Grandfathers Speak 2 - Sonny Umpad


“Sonny Umpad was born in Bogo, Cebu, Philippines 58 years ago. For those in the know, the man and his reputation invokes deserved acclaim. His speed and ghostlike evasive qualities the stuff of modern Legend.

Jesse R. Glover, who as Bruce Lee’s first student certainly had a basis from which to form an opinion, said: “When I saw Sonny move, I thought this is Bruce Lee with sticks in his hand. Other than Bruce, I hadn’t seen anyone move like Sonny at that time, and I still haven’t”.

Sonny took a bold step, founding his own system: Visayan Style Corto Kadena & Larga Mano Eskrima. He respected the Old Ways, keeping his Art private and personal. To witness his Expression of the Art was to be rewarded with a vision of the Pure and True beauty of Eskrima. His timeless commitment was his Tribute to all Eskrimadors of the past, his contemporaries and the successors of our Heritage. The Art lives On.

Through his relentless devotion to his Art he made a significant contribution to the rich and colorful history of Filipino Martial Culture. His Place with the Old Masters is Secure.”

~George Yore, Elder Guro, Visayan Style Corto Kadena Eskrima

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Henry M, 09/25/2013

Possibly one of the most interesting FMA documentaries on a martial arts Master I have seen. It is a very intimate and close-up look at the methods and insights of Master Sonny Umpad.
We get a very personal look and insight in to the methods, footwork and training methods of Master Umpad and his students. It is not an instructional video “per se”, but after watching some of the methods and techniques expounded in the video, it does give an Eskrimador a considerable amount of “Food for Thought”. I gleamed a few things as regards the idea of Prackcion and “half time hitting” from my watching of several parts of the video.
Moreover than the martial discussions, the thing which impressed me the most and makes the film so memorable is the love, affection and admiration the students have for their Master and the feeling of family that is portrayed in this film. Moreover, we see Master Umpad as not only a singular martial artist of great skill, we see the other wonderful facets to his Life such as his high skill of Dancing, Ryhthm, wood-carving, Art and blade-smithing. A man of considerable talents.
Family is a real important thing in FMA. This aspect really shines through in this Dvd. Well worth watching and adding to a collection.

Reviewed by Cain M, 10/31/2012

This was a very engrossing video to watch. I'm not sure how to put it. It was something very personal to a lot of people it seemed. I never met Sonny and I never knew about him until I found this website last year. As far as his skill, nothing new can be said my me. Sonny had the moves, the flow, and understanding. This was a person who had that higher level of understanding and moving integrated into everything he did. The video was nice to watch because it was a friendly and personal account. The footage of Sonny in motion was hypnotizing, the clip with Maija and Sonny flowing was totally awesome, the extra footage was great as well, though some of it a bit grainy. Having other people around to share stories really highlighted the guy's talent and the sense of family.
I like the FMA because of stuff like this. There is always a moment where someone takes time to reflect on family, friends or culture. It gets a little boring to watch martial arts documentaries or lessons where nobody smiles. I think this vid is a great representative of the closeness and history of the old-school FMA people and provides us young'uns with positive examples.
Also worth mentioning, Sonny's massive weapon collection. Sonny Umpad-handmade weapon collection. He had more than one skill! Some of the footage is of Sonny practicing in his house before a wall covered with bladed instruments of different shapes and sizes. What could be better than just randomly picking any weapon and working with it for 10 minutes and then picking up another one that is almost totally different?
The production quality and content were a great. I highly recommend this DVD, and it's a family film as well...I mean if your wife and kids are into this sort of thing.

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