Gathering Of The Pack - Vol 2

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Of all the Gatherings we could have used, we selected for “The November 2005 Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack” because it was shot with high production values by Original Productions for the pilot that landed the deal that eventually became the “Fight Club” documentary by National Geographic. The background story is this: As part of our deal with OP we acquired the rights to the raw footage. Thus, when I was approached about putting together a show for pay-per-view, the broadcast quality of the footage made this particular Gathering the natural choice. Unfortunately, though I fought it bitterly, the PPV show was marketed under the hideous name of “Dog Brothers Cruel Combat” with a poorly selected promo picture (and included a few fights I fought to exclude) and was shown in the wee hours between showings of “Bum Fights” and the like. Oy vey! In short, though the fighting was great, the marketing was not and the number of actual sales was small and the money received was not enough to even pay for the lawyer’s fees for negotiating and writing up the contract! However at least the contract provided that the rights to the show would revert to us after it aired on PPV and so now we can offer it to you under the simpler and less ridiculous name of “A Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack Vol. 2” Unlike a regular DBMA DVD we have no production or post production expenses and so are happy to offer it to you for considerably less than our usual price. So sit back and enjoy a fine day of “Higher Consciousness Through Harder Contact”© with the Dog Brothers and Friends.

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Now you can get your Dog Brother Martial Arts fix however you want it! You can purchase the DVD, or purchase the download. Train Well!

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