Die Less Often 3


In the triple disc "Die Less Often" we began sharing our take on "the Interface of Gun, Knife, and Empty Hand". We introduced threat management, "the Kali Fence", weapon access issues, pre-emption/interception tactics and techniques, reactive techniques ("the Dog Catcher"), and tested them all full force in Force-on-Force drills using people who had trained in the material for only a day and a half in order to show that the material had a practical primal state foundation that could be installed to good effect in remarkably short order.

In DLO 2, the focus shifted to accessing a gun during a knife attack. Here the focus discerning whether one needed to deal with the knife attack before accessing the gun, or whether to use range control, angle, and certain footwork to go for the gun before the knife attack arrived. Again, this was tested in Force-on-Force drills.

Having shown dynamic testing of the fundamentals structures, in DLO 3 we turn to a deeper study of the particulars of managing unknown contacts/threat management, the Kali Fence, the angular brachial stun, how to start the fight by getting to your intended attacker's back while denying/controlling his potential for weapon access, weapon neutralization, (capture, disarm, and/or receiver grip) and much more.

DLO 1 showed the big picture of some material we think to be pretty sharp and really practical -- now DLO 3 gives the little details and fill in your matrix of options that deepen your understanding and raise your ability to apply the material in ever more challenging situations.

If you are in the military and dealing with potential hostiles up close, in law enforcement, corrections work, security work, door work, or if you simply want to have these understanding for yourself as you "walk as a warrior for all your days".

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Timothy C, 10/31/2012

I am not inclined toward writing reviews. But, having been a long time admirer of Dog Brothers Martial Arts and their products, I felt compelled to add a review when I saw that there were none representing this quality product.

DLO3 continues the tradition of DBMA videos in focusing on pragmatic concepts which will appeal to anyone interested in actual self-defense. The material is presented with clear explanations of self-defense application with rationale, and was shown in a down-to-earth manner with much appreciated humility. The section on first-aid was a bonus for me as well.

The greatest compliment and best recommendation that I can make about DLO3, however, is that, like every other DBMA video that I have yet to view, I actually learned some things which are useful.

If you enjoyed or learned from DLO, DLO2 or any other DBMA video, you will be able to garner more gems from DLO3.

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