Die Less Often 2


In DBMA "Die Less Often 1: Intro to the Interface of Gun, Knife, and Empty Hand" we had our FOF (Force On Force) drills take on some of the characteristics of scenario training wherein the players engage in a certain amount of acting. The purpose was to help the viewer get a sense of situations where "the Interface Paradigm" could arise.

In this DVD we have deliberately limited ourselves to drills which are intended to isolate the peformance of particular physical skills. We want people who go through training with us to have an experience of exactly how much distance they need to ensure for their particular skills and fitness levels that they can ensure a gun solution to a knife problem-- and to recognize when combatives are the first step of the solution. We want them to have a sense of how to maximize their odds with a combatives structure that will enable them to "die less often" when the excrement hits the fan. Here focus is on that structure generating the ability to access the gun (or other weapon). And-- key point here-- we want the underlying structure of the gun fighting footwork and angles and the combatives footwork and angles to be essentially the same thing. In our opinion, the adrenal state demands this.

One more point. The idea is NOT to let yourself get into situations where you can/have to use these skills. The purpose of this training is for you to understand what the odds are FOR YOU and integrate these skills into your "threat management" accordingly.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Eesa C, 10/31/2012

Another amazing amount of insight from this synergistic combo of Denny ans Suarez..looking forward to more..

Makoa Combatives Group
Portland, Oregon

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