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In "Combining Stick & Footwork" and "Attacking Blocks" we covered core ideas about protecting the head and countering both with linear and angular footwork (the Snaggletooth and the Diamond).

In this DVD we turn to using these ideas and many new ones in the context of the footwork of "lower canines" (inside and outside male) triangles as well. The lower canine triangles are ideal for both probing attacks (if successful, continue the attack and if not, break off) and for countering aggressive linear attacks. To train these ideas Guro Benjamin "Lonely Dog" Rittiner (Guro Crafty's top student and a very highly regarded fighter) shows us the "DBMA Cycle Drills".

These drills will teach you:

to counter using half beats
to use explosive footwork
to develop power
to install a solid head protection
to have a feel for the right distance

As develop the feel for the basic "generator" then Guro Lonely Dog shows how to:

Attack different targets with different angles
Kick after a counter attack
Crash, clinch and take him down
Attack after a side step
Play with rhythm so as to be able to time your opponent.

This DVD is also available as an instant download! You can purchase it and have it instantly delivered to your computer. Copy it to iTunes or your favorite portable device.

Now you can get your Dog Brother Martial Arts fix however you want it! You can purchase the DVD, or purchase the download. Train Well!

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by John L, 10/31/2012

This is by far one of my favorite DVD's, it brought in the factor of training on a traffic cone for me and my buddies, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Reviewed by Cain M, 10/31/2012

This video is highly addicting and now I want to buy more. Even after I watched it beginning to end, took notes, drilled everything, and played with the moves I still watch it like I would watch a tv show. It's very thought provoking, almost meditative, and the drumming that is used as the soundtrack for some of it is really cool. Even my girlfriend, a non-martial artist, enjoyed the video just because of the drums.
Guro Rittiner's explanations and demonstration are easily understood and clearly explained, with no little things left out. As a matter of fact, the video is all about 'the little things' that make a martial artist a good technician. If you are a beginner, Guro Rittiner's ideas and presentation should provide you with a good foundation to play with. If you have experience, he sheds light on the fundamentals you should never stop drilling.
The production quality was awesome. The picture was clear, the audio was clear, it was professionally done. There are extras to watch as well, which always makes a video like a christmas present...oooh what's inside this one! Very cool. The main attraction is salt and peppered appropriately with clips from other DBMA instructional videos.
Crafty Dog makes a cameo appearance in the very beginning that you absolutely must see to appreciate. He's got charisma.
Finally, the video sticks to the DBMA creed - 'if you see it taught, you see it fought'. The Cycle Drills video contains clips from Gatherings and other full contact training that allow you to see how the drills come to fruition in the 'lab'. Basically, you can trust everything these guys tell you. No dojo ballerinas or sombrada studs need watch this video. This video is for the people seeking a distillation of knowledge and experience that is combat proven. It's not pretty but it's effective.

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