Combining Stick and Footwork


Fights move!!! The FMA are rightly famous for their footwork, yet most people find it very hard in real time to move their feet and the stick(s) at the same time in anything except linear forward and backward shuffling. In this the first tape of the second series, Guro Crafty introduces the training methods to bring out the ability to functionally combine stick and footwork that he has used to the real time success of those who train with him.

Material covered:

  • An analysis of knee attacks and their counter with the Illustrisimo Cross Step
  • Lameco 1-5
  • DBMA Seguida #1
  • The Metronome as a training method and the Snaggletooth Training Drill and more

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Craig R, 10/31/2012

Illustrimo cross step is a must learn for leg and weapon forward fighting. Basic concept but takes work. Watch, learn and practice.

Reviewed by Bodhi C, 10/31/2012

Simple doesn't mean easy...yet, some times simple can be taught in a way which is easily understood.

This instructional video explains the basics of solid footwork combined with solid, powerful stick movements, and when the two are practiced as a single unit through the easily understood drills provided in this medium, one might begin to comprehend the coordinating varibales needed to utilize: on-the-move, powerful stick applications effectively while under "combat duress." The video is worth the investment.

Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey, RM, DD
Hikaze Learning Corner
Wooster OHIO

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