Attacking Blocks


If you want to get close in a fight but can't, all your skills there are irrelevant. There are two basic ways of closing-by hitting and by blocking. Hitting one's way in to the close ranges is great when you have that kind of edge, but when you can't, attacking blocks are just the thing.

The name "Attacking Blocks" itself seems an oxymoron- the word "block" seems reactive and defensive-how can one "attack" with blocks? If you have the answer to this question, your fighting skills have a whole new dimension and the door to all kinds of possibilities is yours.

Material Covered:

After a brief review of the 7 Ranges and where this material fits in it, Guro Crafty teaches the endless loop pattern "Attacking Blocks Pattern Right 1A". This simple yet sophisticated pattern allows training partners to both cultivate their head protection and attacking blocks and come out of these movements with a knockout shot.

The next section of the tape then shows how to use the pattern as a "generator" out of which to practice applying techniques in an alive manner. The techniques are organized according to the degree of success of the crash (all the way to the ground, standing grapple, corto, medio, etc) and include techniques specially apt for the smaller fighter to use on the bigger.

Then, "If you see it taught, you see it fought" -this is Dog Brothers Martial Arts! Its time for the action, which begins with a study in head shots. See what happens when fighters get hit in the head-both with and without headgear! Things then move on to seeing the Attacking Blocks in action!

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Reviewed by Craig R, 10/31/2012

This tape teaches you how to cover and attack, also how to step back and block. The best training tape for solo baston.

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