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People often ask about the sticks the Dog Brothers use. Although all of the Dog Brothers use sticks distinctly more substantial than the generic stuff commonly sold/used here in the USA, there is also quite a range in approaches. With that in mind:

The Crafty Dog Model: A Cruiserweight amongst the heavyweights and fighting until he was 48, Crafty Dog ("The Guiding Force") went with the potential of Double Stick for trickery, deception and timing. At 31" this pair has just that little extra bit to reach out and touch someone and are weighted for both speed and power when craftily wielding two sticks.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by John L, 10/31/2012

These are my Go-to sticks for some serious training, be it in the river, on some tires, or against other sticks, these have been nicknamed by some of my buds as "The Logs" :)

Reviewed by Keone S, 10/31/2012

These sticks are big, sturdy, straight, balanced, and more robust than the sticks I usually practice with. I just can't believe people use these at the Gatherings. OUCH!

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