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The core idea of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association (DBMAA) is to offer a way to genuinely learn Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) regardless of where you live and regardless of your level. This program is based upon three pillars:


  • The Association's "Members Only" interactive website.
  • Vid-lessons that are offered only to members-- some important upgrades in our capabilities are in the pipeline for the coming weeks which will enable us to offer tons of clips on the DBMAA site.
  • Personal Training Programs.


In the past, if you didn't live where what you wanted to learn was taught, with the exception of videos you were out of luck. Videos can be good, but often they are too advanced or too basic. And if you had questions, you were out of luck. With the Internet, we can transcend all this. As a DBMAA member, if you don't understand something in a vid-lesson you can post on the forum and get an answer in our Members Only Forum. Have a question about something in DBMA? Post on the forum and get an answer or read one of the growing number of essays on the different aspects of DBMA curriculum that are there for you to have a reference for the overall structure and concept of the system.


Want to learn more about the Philippines, the Filipino Martial Arts and the men who developed them? Read one of the growing number of articles and other items of interest compiled on the website - for example we have a chapter by chapter presentation of the long out of print legendary "Jungle Patrol" by Vic Hurley which tells the extraordinary tale of the Philippine Constabulary.


Somehow missed one of the articles that have appeared on the Dog Brothers?
Read a reprint of it (sans fotos) on the Association's website. There is an extensive library of technique sequences-- and much, much more.


About the Vid-lessons: In the past 10 years there has been a veritable explosion of martial arts instructional DVDs/videos. Those of you who have spent the money and invested the time already know that many have one or more of the following shortcomings:


  • They are badly shot, badly organized and badly edited.
  • They feature someone showing off and don't really teach, or at the other end of the spectrum, showing only basic material.
  • They are ridiculously short.
  • The presenter can't present well even if he is talented.
  • They don't show the material taught in application.


With the DBMAA our goal is to offer you a continuously growing library of Vid-lessons.


  1. Are you a beginner in the FMA who lives where there simply isn't a good FMA school and wishes that someone would break it down for him? There will be Vid-lessons that will for you. b.. Are you past the beginning stage and looking to learn how to take your skills to where you can depend on them? There will be Vid-lessons for you. c.. Been around the FMA for a while and looking for some advanced material? There will be Vid-lessons for you. And there are be vid-lessons on related matters such as special fitness training, equipment for when your car breaks down, basic drumming patterns (these can help you hand fighting skills) and much more.
  2. This brings us to the Personal Training Programs (PTP). As much as you can learn and train as outlined above, of course there is nothing that can substitute for hands on training. You may have noticed that I don't do many seminars. I prefer to have people come to Hermosa Beach (Los Angeles) to train with me, typically for 10 hours over a weekend (for details, see the "Training and Seminar" page). Such a training can really raise your level - especially if you come prepared by having studied some of the Vid-lessons! As a member of DBMAA you receive a 10% discount on this training. As a member you will receive a 15% discount on sticks and some other products from Kombat Instruments. This is a real bargain. A 10% discount on DBMA seminars, and training camps. So there it is.


The Adventure continues!

Woof! Guro Crafty


Please have clear in your mind, words and deeds the distinction between:

  1. The Dog Brothers (DB) are a band of sweaty, smelly psychopaths with sticks founded by Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny, Eric "Top Dog" Knaus and Arlan "Salty Dog" Sanford.
  2. Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) which is the "System of many styles" founded by Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny.
  3. Dog Brothers Inc (DBI) also known as Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts (DBIMA) which is the corporation through which Guro Crafty does business. This excludes all DBMA teachers and DBMA instructors. All other teachers and instructors are separate legal entities and you agree that DBIMA(Marc) has no legal responsibility for them.
  4. The Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association (DBMAA) which is a voluntary association of like-minded individuals hosted by DBIMA. Legal Stuff: We're a corporation. No suing no one for no reason for nothing no how no way! California law applies.

After you've completed your online application, you must print the following form, sign it, and send it to us:

  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: Membership Document

    Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts
    703 Pier Ave., Ste B
    PMB 664
    Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Customer Reviews
Richard martin
When I first signed up I wasn't quite sure what I would find, but with the Dog Brothers and Guro Crafty's rep I thought I would take a chance.

The "Vid-lessons" I have bought have been very cool. I certainly hit my buddies in sparring with things I have learned in them. :-)

The Association's forum has many interesting threads on a variety of matters. Things like looking at aggression from a biological perspective, from the point of view of Jungian Psychology, and interesting topics on self-defense, crime, and on and on. There's technique sequences (add more! add more!) and things to read (even the whole book "Jungle Patrol"!) on the site. I also like how Crafty Dog is always there on the forum answering questions about DBMA.

I have come to appreciate that DBMA is a very well thought-out system and appreciate its goal of "Walk as a Warrior for all your Days". This is my goal too and I like the way the DBMA Association helps me do this.

P.S. Crafty, I hope to personally train with you soon. Thanks
Marlon Hoess-Boettger
I now am to become a member in the second year and there are several reasons for me. First of all upon becoming a member, you gain access to the DBMA members area. Here you'll find the members forum, where a lot of the tribe comes together "to gather around the campfire." Stories are traded, ideas are exchanged, philosophy and politics are being discussed.
Guro Crafty's there all the time and posts regularly, if not daily. For someone like me, on the other side of the Atlantic, this is highly valuable. So I can ask about concepts, techniques and ideas of Dog Brothers Martial Arts and make sure I got that right, what I learned on Seminars or Video Tapes.
Second, aside from reduction on products and special offers on all the things in the shop (which is very important too!), there are the Vid-Lessons. So far I had the chance to see two and I have to say, these expanded my understanding of the depth of Dog Brothers Martial Arts in a steep learning curve. This material might appear a bit expensive at first - but hey, nothing in life's for free and I am willing to pay for good quality martial arts instruction as it can be found within the DBMAA. At least here I know, the stuff I get to see and feel has been tested for real and still finds application today.
Third, I receive reduction on seminars and events. This might not be interesting for people which aren't able to attend any of the DBMA's Events, for example Guro Crafty or Guro Lonely Dog's seminars - for someone llike me, it pays back the membership in full.
Fourth, there are a dozen more articles in the members area than there are in the public area. And not just some - I say many more! Good quality information about famous Arnisadors like Antonio "Tatang" Illustrissimo, Technique series, background information about the philosophy of Dog Brothers - lots of good stuff for feeding the brain.

All in alll I wouldn't want to miss being a part in all of this!
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