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Featuring Guro Benjamin "Lonely Dog" Rittiner

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Attacking Blocks

Force your opponent's strikes with attacking blocks so
the advantage is yours.

Blocks, Punyos, Thrusts

Setting up your power shots with "The Snakey Stick"


The power uppercut and the Trident uppercut theory 

 Fights move! Integrate your weapon and your
Cycle Drill DVD

Probing attacks and countering linear attacks


Die less often when things get serious.  The integration of gun,
knife, & empty hand.



Focus on framing the escalation to your advantage; pre-emption,
interception, and reaction.

Dos Triques

A ruthless mathemaniacal formula for taking apart most double
stick structures you will face.


When grappling happens apply the fang choke with your stick!

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Bring the fight to your opponent with triangular footwork.

Gathering Of The Pack

Selected fights give the idea of what
a Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack is about.



Fights and more fights.  'Nuff


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Now: $15.00

The men who brought the Art to America in word and
rare archival action.